Remembering David Hussman

We were sad to hear that David Hussman passed away yesterday, after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer last year. A short bio would be difficult, so here are 3 links:

  1. Obituary in the Star Tribune
  2. The Dude Abides – Jim Walsh wrote this in-depth article about David last year in the Southwest Journal
  3. Honoring David Hussman – DevJam has a page on their website with articles and other information about David
Nate Knatterud-Hubinger and David Hussman at Mano a Mano's annual event in 2010.

Nate Knatterud-Hubinger and David Hussman at Mano a Mano’s annual event in 2010.

David Was a Dedicated Supporter of Mano a Mano

Hussman Tweet
About this time a year ago, DevJam hosted a party for friends and colleagues of David, as a chance to gather together and share stories; Mano a Mano’s Executive Director Nate Knatterud-Hubinger sent this note for the party:

“I was trying to think of a specific story about David, but the main thing that immediately pops in my head is just how pleasant and enjoyable he is to be around. I first met David around 2010, and he has been a steadfast part of my nonprofit organization Mano a Mano since then. We named him our 2011 Volunteer of the Year, he and DevJam have been actively involved in many projects and events every year, and I’ve spent dozens of hours at DevJam and Studio 2 over the years. Every time I’m there, it’s something I’ve looked forward to and enjoyed – which is not a normal experience for me with IT/tech-related projects or people – and that’s in large part thanks to David. He’s simply a really good dude (had to get a dude reference in there!).”

Our thoughts are with David’s wife Andrien Thomas, his 2 daughters, and his family & friends today.