On August 17th, 2021 Mano a Mano distributed more than 7 tons of medical supplies and equipment for 22 health centers in Puerto Villarroel, located in the province of Carrasco in the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Local TV Coverage of the Distribution

From Ing Limber Cossio Arnez, Alcalde Municipal de Puerto Villarroel:

  • “We have never received this amount of support in our municipality from a nonprofit before.”
  • “Working for health is working for life.”
  • “Our promise as a municipality is to continue working, and all of these health centers are receiving equal support so that none are pushed to the margins.”
  • “We are very pleased and satisfied with this equipment that will help serve our community.”

This video was made by Red CCTV in Bolivia.

Getting Supplies Ready for the August 17th Distribution

Recovered Resources Program

Mano a Mano collects donated supplies and equipment in Minnesota and ships them to Bolivia, where they are distributed to people and organizations in need. We have sent more than 121,000 pounds in 2021 to date.