Mano a Mano collects donated medical supplies and equipment, destined for the landfill in Minnesota, and ships them to Bolivia, where we distribute them to people and organizations in need throughout the country. We have sent 9 containers with 220,704 pounds to Bolivia in 2022.

Here is one distribution for the municipality of Alalay this year:

Doctor Marco Saavedra Receving Equipment at Mano a Mano in Cochabamba on Behalf of Alalay

Interviewer: Good day, please tell me your name.

I am Doctor Marco Saavedra, director of the health center Alalay, and I am also the head of the municipality of Alalay.

Interviewer: Please tell me a little bit of why you made the visit to Cochabamba here today.

I have had the satisfaction of working with the consult of the municipality who did the corresponding actions and the sector of health that came to pick up a donation of materials from Mano a Mano that is always collaborating with the outlying municipalities, the municipalities that can’t always count on resources, and where we have a population who is in need of assistance.

Interviewer: What is Mano a Mano giving you here today?

Here they are giving us a lot of material: overall trauma equipment, crutches, wheelchairs for the hospital, walkers, dental supplies, diapers, wound care kits, stethoscopes, and blood-pressure monitors. That is a lot of collaboration for our municipalities who sometimes can’t count on this equipment.

Interviewer: What is the principal necessity the municipality of Alalay has?

The municipality of Alalay is a population a little bit elevated in the heights, we are at 3,000 meters (9,842 feet above sea level) and we have a lot of demand in medications, supplies, and instruments which will help us immensely with what Mano a Mano is collaborating.

Interviewer: Is there a message you would like to send to the people who support this outside of Bolivia?

Yes, my gratitude, and the gratitude of all of the community in the municipality of Alalay. To the people of Mano a Mano outside of Bolivia [in the US], we very grateful for your good work that is very well known not only by the municipality but also throughout Bolivia. It’s been many years that you have been working and attending to those populations in need. I also know there are Bolivian volunteers, to them as well the gratitude of all our population. Thank you so much to the donors and the volunteers of Mano a Mano.

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