Back in January we mentioned that our Navajo twin-engine plane, a donation from the Lored Foundation, had arrived in Bolivia, but there is a big difference between physically landing in Bolivia and being cleared for flying.

After months of paperwork, inspections, and waiting, our Navajo twin-engine plane is now flying in Bolivia! The first day this week that the Navajo was available it already had 2 flights scheduled.

Navajo plane at the Mano a Mano hangar in Cochabamba

We are hoping that our second twin-engine plane is ready to go soon, but for now we are staying busy with the 2 single-engine planes and 1 twin-engine plane that are operating. Below are a few recent flights; you can check out more of our recent flights on our Facebook page.

Recent flight transporting vaccines to the clinic in San Lorenzo, a small village in the Amazon region of Bolivia

A patient being flown home to Manupari after 2 months of treatment in Cochabamba for pneumonia and parasites