With the recent addition of two twin-engine planes, there are many exciting new opportunities for our aviation program. One of the major improvements is that the twin-engine planes can fly much further and faster, enabling us to fly to other countries in South America.

Flight to Santiago, Chile

We are happy to report that our Piper Navajo twin-engine plane recently completed the first international flight for Mano a Mano, flying from Cochabamba, Bolivia to Santiago, Chile!

Mano a Mano's Piper Navajo plane

This flight was a test to see how everything functioned, including flight duration (it took 14 hours round-trip), fuel usage and cost, legal requirements, and other formalities that are part of flying across international borders. It also provided our staff a chance to gain practical experience for these types of flights that will be happening much more in the future.

Festival Bolivia 2012 Next Week to Support Aviation Program

We are very excited with the many opportunities that are becoming available with our expanded aviation program! Mano a Mano is hosting a Festival Bolivia 2012 event at the St. Paul Hotel in St. Paul, MN on April 20, 2012 in support of our aviation projects. You can learn more about the event and buy tickets here; tickets are only available for a few more days.

If you are unable to attend but would like to support the event with a donation you can do that here.