November Activities: Teacher Trip Speaker Series and Loading Containers

It’s already almost November! Mano a Mano has 2 activities in November at our office/warehouse (925 Pierce Butler Route, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104) that you are welcome to join us for:

Mano a Mano Speaker Series on November 12th: Teacher Training Trips Celebration

In June 2019, Mano a Mano hosted our 7th (and final!) year of teacher workshops. These trips were an opportunity for teachers from Minnesota and teachers from Bolivia to meet together and discuss teaching methods, develop curriculum, learn how they keep parents involved, and have an opportunity to interact in informal as well as classroom settings. We approach these trips with a deep appreciation for the dedication of teachers in both countries, for the similarities and differences in our life experiences, and for the gifts that teachers from each country can bring to the other.

Mano a Mano teacher’s trip in June 2019 – visiting the Bolivian Amazon

We are gathering with Minnesota teachers that have participated in these trips for a discussion and celebration of what was accomplished through these trips. The event is free, but please RSVP if you plan on attending: [email protected] or 651-457-3141.

Mano a Mano Teacher Trip, June 2017

Loading Containers to Ship to Bolivia on November 21-23

Our warehouse is getting full! We will be shipping 3 40-foot containers, with around 60,000 pounds of donated supplies & equipment, from Minnesota to Bolivia, where the items are distributed to people & organizations in need.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Carmen: [email protected] or 651-457-3141. If you would like to support this shipment you can donate here.

Distributing supplies & equipment in Bolivia, September 2019.