Our New Plane Has Arrived in Bolivia

This morning, Mano a Mano’s new plane landed in Cobija, Bolivia (the immigration port) after a few days in Brazil. We are hoping for the plane to arrive in Cochabamba later this morning. Mano a Mano’s pilots picked up the plane from Minnesota over a month ago to take it to Florida for some maintenance work and training. Then they began the trip from Florida to Bolivia last week, and have now arrived in Bolivia.

You can check their flight history on FlightAware here (FlightAware doesn’t track small aircraft flights in South America, so those flights aren’t listed).

Mano a Mano's new addition to our aviation program, at Fleming Field in South St. Paul, Minnesota, preparing for a test flight on July 13, 2018.

Mano a Mano’s new addition to our aviation program, at Fleming Field in South St. Paul, Minnesota, preparing for a test flight on July 13, 2018.

Mano a Mano’s New Plane – First Flight

On July 13, 2018, Mano a Mano staff, board members, and supporters went to Fleming Field in South St. Paul, Minnesota for the first flight in our new plane.

Special thanks to Mano a Mano Volunteer Tom Merritt for making this video! 

How this New Plane Helps

The note below is from our aviation program, describing how this new plane helps:

[Getting this new plane] is an important day for us. A day when we see and test fly a Cessna Caravan which will give Mano a Mano the additional capacity that is needed to transport the sick and the injured. Now we can easily fit a gurney with a patient and a doctor or nurse or an EMT who can help care for the patient. Even a family member can come along in this airplane.

This airplane will carry three times the capacity of our smaller Cessna, fly faster, longer, operate as reliably as an airliner and not cost much more to operate than our Navajo. A wonderful addition. We are excited and grateful to our staff, our donors and friends who made this dream become a reality for so many of us here and in Bolivia.

People in isolated regions of Bolivia will say “we are people with few resources, when we are injured or sick, we just wait for the ultimate….unless, out of the blue Mano a Mano comes to fly us to seek health care in the cities.”

Thanks to your gift, we will!

Goals of the Mano a Mano Aviation Program

The Mano a Mano – Apoyo Aereo (Air Support) aviation program makes it possible for Mano a Mano to partner with and provide urgently needed services to isolated rural communities whose distance from the city would otherwise prohibit their inclusion in Mano a Mano’s projects.

Emergency FLight_San Lorenzo_5_2012

Mano a Mano uses aviation for four purposes:

  1. To safely transport Mano a Mano staff and volunteers to remote communities in order to: determine whether a community’s request to partner with Mano a Mano will be accepted; meet with community leaders and local government officials to develop partnership agreements and project plans; select building sites; supervise construction; deliver medical supplies; provide health care, health education and supervision;
  2. To airlift critically ill and injured patients to city hospitals for emergency care;
  3. To make flight hours available to other non-profit organizations whose missions are consistent with that of Mano a Mano;
  4. To generate revenue by making flight hours available at a commercial rate to businesses and the general public.

Video – Overview of Mano a Mano’s Aviation Program in Bolivia