New Additions and Visitors to Mano a Mano’s Center for Ecological Agriculture in October

At the start of the month of October we added new members to our Center for Ecological Agriculture with the birth of nine pigs. We also received a visit from fifth grade students from the school Carlos Paredo Sanoval from the municipality of Sacaba.

Students learning about drip irrigation at Mano a Mano’s Center for Ecological Agriculture.

At the beginning of the tour we presented our atajados (small water ponds). They are a means of storing water in times of rain to sustain agricultural production and provide water for irrigation. 1:16 – Demonstrating drip irrigation.  1:25 – Also demonstrated is the hydroponic garden – an alternative form of producing water. I am going to show you. It is like this. (Kids: oohh…wow).

The Center for Ecological Agriculture is an open book for learning.

*Kid being interviewed – Alejando Camacho, 11 years old, from Carlos Peredo Sandoval school – “What I have learned is to take care of the environment. I have learned to make fertilizer. Also, I have learned about plants and irrigation.”