We recently completed and dedicated a 10-kilometer road connecting the communities of Malcastaca and Santa Rosa. These are two small communities located in the municipality of Camargo, department of Chuquisaca. To widen the path, we had to cut through solid rock on the side of the mountain, which required a large quantity of explosives and a lot of effort by our workers and community volunteers (check out photos of the construction process here).

Santa Rosa residents walking on the path that would become the road

Driving on the newly-completed road

At the dedication ceremony, the mayor of Santa Rosa said that this road is the best road in the entire municipality, even better than the trunk highway that goes to Argentina. During the dedication, Mano a Mano distributed canes and crutches donated from the US to people that needed them and school supplies to the children.

Santa Rosa mayor speaking to community at dedication celebration of the road

This road project was a lot of work. Our staff at Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo in Bolivia said, “Thanks for the support of Mano a Mano USA, the volunteers in the USA, and the workers in Bolivia.”