This week, Mano a Mano’s 2 containers filled with 56,000 pounds of medical supplies and equipment arrived at our warehouse in Cochabamba after being shipped from Minnesota in September. We are loading our 7th and final container of 2020 at our Minnesota warehouse, and we continue to distribute supplies to people and organizations in need throughout Bolivia. Thanks to the many people in Minnesota and Bolivia that work so hard to make these shipments possible!

Containers Shipped in September Have Arrived in Bolivia

Containers arriving at our Cochabamba warehouse on December 9th, 2020.

The 2 containers we shipped from Saint Paul, Minnesota in September arrived at our Cochabamba, Bolivia warehouse on December 9th! The containers have 56,000 pounds of medical supplies, including: 750 boxes of medical supplies; 39 gaylords (large boxes that fit on a pallet) of orthopedic supplies and mobility equipment; and 100 wheelchairs, 500 walkers, 500 pairs of crutches, and 650 canes. These supplies will be distributed to people & organizations in need throughout Bolivia over the upcoming months.

Loading Our Last Container of 2020 This Week

We are loading our 7th and final container of 2020 this week to ship to Bolivia.

This year, we have shipped 6 40-foot containers filled with 148,216 pounds of medical supplies, orthopedic equipment, and other items for distribution to people and organizations in need throughout Bolivia. (This includes the 2 containers that just arrived in Bolivia mentioned above.) We are loading our last container of the year at our Minnesota warehouse this week.

While these supplies are more needed than ever, the process has been more challenging due to the pandemic. Thanks to our staff, volunteers, and everyone that is involved in making these distributions possible!

Distributing Supplies in Bolivia to Tipuani

Preparing medical supplies and equipment for donation to Tipuani at Mano a Mano’s Center for Ecological Agriculture in Cochabamba.

Mano a Mano distributes the supplies we send from Minnesota to people and organizations in need throughout Bolivia. Below is one recent distribution for clinics in Tipuani:

“Doctor Velázquez, I’m here at the offices of the NGO Mano a Mano Internacional, and I’m very touched. I really feel tremendous gratitude for the generosity you’ve shown my municipal government. This isn’t the first time I’ve picked up a donation. In fact, this is the third time I’ve come to pick up a donation, and on this occasion it’s quite large. You’ve given all this equipment in solidarity for a mining town called Tipuani, where we have four health clinics. We are, like all mining towns, very poor, and suffer diarrheal diseases and epidemics and fevers like dengue, Chikungunya, yellow fever, and others. Doctor Velázquez, I promise you that all this medication, medical instruments, and equipment is going to be very useful to our doctors and nurses in treating the sick. I come to Cochabamba having traveled almost 700 kilometers from Tipuani. From Tipuani to La Paz its 270 kilometers, and to get to from La Paz to Cochabamba it’s a bit more than 400 kilometers. But I don’t regret having made the journey. On the contrary, through you, Doctor Velázquez, I want to warmly thank all of the those who make up the beautiful organization that is Mano a Mano. On behalf of all the residents of Tipuani – men, women, those with disabilities, the elderly, children in extreme poverty, and all those we care for – my thanks to all of you. May God bless you and may you continue working on behalf of those in greatest need. Thank you, Doctor Velázquez and the Mano a Mano brothers and sisters.”