Mano a Mano’s aviation program has 2 primary programs working with Bolivian communities that have minimal access to health care: emergency rescue of ill and injured individuals, transporting them to urban hospitals for life-saving treatment; and weekend clinics for which we transport volunteer health care professionals into remote areas to provide primary medical & dental care. In November 2021, we provided emergency flights for 21 people (275 people total from January-November 2021) and transported health care professionals to provide 4 weekend health clinics (29 weekend clinics from January-November 2021). In total, we flew a total of 31.9 hours on 34 flights.

One of Mano a Mano’s weekend health clinics in Poza Honda in November 2021. 113 patients were seen for dental care over the 2 days of this jornada, including 45 children.

As part of Mano a Mano’s weekend health clinics, we also transport medical supplies and equipment, food, and other items to take advantage of all available space on our plane. No wasted space!

A Mano a Mano emergency flight in Sucre in 2021.

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