Mano a Mano Plane Close to Flying in Bolivia

Last week we painted on the new plane registration number as we are close to finalizing being certified in Bolivia – it is almost ready to start flying and providing emergency flights! We are very excited for the impact this plane will have on our aviation program in Bolivia, allowing us to better serve the people in need that our program focuses on.

Mano a Mano’s plane has been re-painted with its new registration number – CP-3118, formerly N900RG when it was registered in the US – for flying in Bolivia.

Getting this plane ready to fly has taken over 2 years; from searching for a plane throughout the US that would meet the requirements to navigate the difficult flying and landing conditions in Bolivia, to raising funds to purchase the plane, to having our pilots fly up to the US from Bolivia for training in the summer of 2018, to flying the plane from St. Paul, Minnesota to Cochabamba, Bolivia over the course of a week in October 2018, to the many months of paperwork and inspections that are required to import and certify a plane…this is a long process. We are grateful to the many people that have put in a lot of time, energy, and resources – and that continue to do so – to make this possible.

First Flight at Fleming Field in Minnesota – Summer 2018

Learn more about Mano a Mano’s aviation program, and the impact this new plane will have, here (and check out its test flight at Fleming Field last summer).