Mano a Mano Bolivia, our counterpart organization in Bolivia that focuses on health and education projects, had a very busy 2011! Here are some of the results from our clinic program in 2011:

10 New Health Clinics

We built 10 new rural health clinics in 2011, bringing our total network of clinics built to 127. As with all of our clinic projects, we followed the same community-based participatory model to make these projects happen. New clinics were built in the following communities:

779,764 Patient Contacts

Our clinics provide a wide variety of services. Here we want to highlight 2 programs:

Infant and Maternal Health – Saving Lives

A primary focus in Mano a Mano clinics is on maternal and infant health.

  • 116,762 exams for children under 5 years old
  • 72,912 Ob/Gyn exams
  • 20,968 prenatal exams
We also delivered 1,637 babies, with 1,626 live births. That’s an infant mortality rate of 0.68%, or 6.8 infant deaths per 1,000 live births. In rural Bolivia the infant mortality rate is about 80/1,000. With that rate we would expect about 131 infants to have died during birth, but in our clinics there were 11. Our clinics are able to reduce the infant mortality rate by 91.5%!

Dental Care

Mano a Mano dentists (there are 72 on staff) provided 156,232 dental consults:

  • 87,954 dental exams
  • 21,973 dental treatments
  • 7,295 dental extractions
  • 39,010 fluoride applications

Many Other Services

Our clinics provide a huge amount of services, including vaccinations, continuing health education for doctors and nurses, weekend health clinics, community health promoters, lab testing and services, in addition to infant/maternal health and dental care.

We are very grateful for another success year for Mano a Mano, and are looking forward to what we can accomplish in 2012!