Mano a Mano Office Manager Dana Dallavalle made her first trip to Bolivia last November and wrote about her experience here.

Before joining Mano a Mano, Dana was in the Peace Corps in Panama, and she is now an active board member of the Minnesota Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (MNRPCV).

Mano a Mano Article in MNRPCV Newsletter

MNRPCV recently wrote a feature article about Dana and her trip in their Spring 2013 newsletter – click here to read the article.

Peace Corps and Mano a Mano

The Peace Corps is an organization that is very special to Mano a Mano; our co-founder Joan Velasquez was in the Peace Corps in Bolivia and won the Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service in 2008, three of our board members are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and many of our donors and volunteers took part in Peace Corps as well.

Thanks Peace Corps for your support!