We are happy to announce that the Rotary Foundation is helping to fund a large water reservoir project with Mano a Mano in Jusku Moll’e, Bolivia! Mano a Mano and Rotary have partnered on a number of other water projects in Bolivia (including reservoirs in the communities of Laguna Sulti and Choquechampi), and we are excited to be able to expand the communities that benefit from access to water.

The Need

Jusku Molle’s fertile land in the Cochabamba Valley, Municipality of Punata, could produce abundant crops of corn, potatoes, and fresh vegetables. Sadly, lack of means to retain rain water and snow melt during the rainy season for use during the lengthy dry season results in stunted crop growth and, during especially dry years, near total crop failure and insufficient water to sustain livestock. Farmers plant few, if any, vegetable crops during the dry season because they must carry water to them from distant water sources. Together, these problematic circumstances result in failure to meet the nutritional and economic needs of the local population.

Members of Rotary from Duluth, MN meeting with Rotary members at the proposed Jusku Moll'e site in Bolivia

The Water Project

The Jusku Molle project will make it possible for its farmers to carefully guard their rain water. Using PVC pipe, pump and valves to control water release, they will direct water to flow through their cropland via shallow earthen channels. This method of managing water will not only contribute to a healthier and more economically sound life for these families; it will also help prevent erosion which would otherwise damage the land during heavy rains.

Mano a Mano will construct an agricultural water reservoir and irrigation channels that will benefit 300-400 farm families (1,800-2,400 individuals), providing them with predictable access to water for their crops and livestock, as well as household use. Access to water will dramatically increase income and reduce malnutrition for these families.

The Jusku Moll'e reservoir will be similar in design to our reservoir in Laguna Sulti

 Project Goals

  • Increase community capacity to raise sufficient quantities and varieties of foods to provide food security and a healthy diet for its population.
  • Create community capacity to produce crops and livestock that can be sold in larger urban markets and thus increase farm family income.  As a result of this project, families will be able to substantially increase crop yields and livestock and thus double or triple their income.