As part of a request for Mano a Mano’s support on new water projects earlier this month, we also received a letter from the Jusku Molle community about the impact the water project we completed in 2012 has had for them. We are always happy to see the sustainable impact these projects have for communities.

English Translation of Letter From Jusku Molle Community, April 2021:

“I am grateful to those people who helped us with this project. Thanks to them we can irrigate our corn. We have some to eat and some to sell. Otherwise, when we need something from the market, what would we do to survive.” Doña Maxima Ricaidez

It’s been almost a decade since our community received this project of harvesting rain water for irrigation. To be able to receive the material and economic assistance from Mano a Mano means more than just the financing. It allowed us to reweave our community, join hands and forces to maintain this source of water for life. It permitted us to organize ourselves, to take up again the work in community, to be able to resolve problems that presented themselves, to recover a source of hope to live from working the land, to care for the water, and the possibility to maintain and fortify our community. Many do not see our needs, our daily struggles to continue to work the land to sustain our families and our community, but Mano a Mano made it possible with a social development project. It extended a helping hand to empower our community. Through this profound thank you, in this brief audiovisual, we share with you our feelings of gratitude. The possibility of being able to share the aspirations that are made tangible thanks to your assistance. We wish to bring you into our presence and celebrate with you.

Jusku Molle Reservoir

Our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo completed the Jusku Molle reservoir project in 2012. This reservoir provides 350 Bolivian families with sufficient water to irrigate their crops. It can hold 50,000 cubic meters of water and irrigates about 741 acres of land (the reservoir is roughly the size of 3 football fields).


Original Letter In Spanish:

Letter from the community about the impact of the Jusku Molle reservoir project.

“Doy gracias a aquellas personas que nos ayudaron con este proyecto, gracias a ellos podemos regar estos maicitos, tenemos algo para comer y para vender también, cuando necesitamos algo del Mercado, que haríamos si no para sobrevivir”. Doña Máxima Recaídas

Hace ya casi ya una década, nuestra comunidad recibió este proyecto de cosecha de agua para riego. Recibir el apoyo material y económico de Mano a Mano significo más que solo el financiamiento, nos permitió retejer nuestra comunidad, juntar manos y fuerzas para mantener esta fuente de agua para la vida. Muchos no ven nuestras necesidades, nuestras luchas diarias por seguir trabajando la tierra para sostener a nuestras familias y nuestra comunidad, pero Mano a Mano hizo posible y un proyecto social nos brindó su mano para empoderar a nuestra comunidad. Por este agradecimiento profundo en un breve audiovisual manifestamos nuestros sentires agradeciendo la posibilidad de compartir esperanzas que se hacen tangibles gracias a su colaboración y que queremos hacer presente y compartir con ustedes.