Each of the 29 weekend health clinics provided by Mano a Mano last year included dental services, the only dental care available to residents of the communities served. To better support our volunteer dentists and the patients, we searched for reclinable, light weight, easy-to-transport, inexpensive chairs to replace the simple straight-backed wooden chairs available in the remote regions. Our staff came up with two solutions to this problem: the first – assign one of the reclining wheelchairs shipped with our medical cargo to the weekend clinic program; the second – request that Mano a Mano collect used reclining lawn chairs, ship them with the cargo, then weld extensions onto each leg to a comfortable height for the dentist. These solutions were put into practice during the November 13th clinic in Poza Honda. After returning to Cochabamba, Dentist Carmen Duran said that “these chairs take us one giant step forward” in caring for our patients.

Using a chair to provide dental care during a jornada to Poza Honda in November 2021.

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