Last Friday night Mano a Mano hosted its 3rd annual fundraiser at the St. Paul Hotel, and it was a great success!

Mano a Mano pilot Ivo Martinez (center) traveled from Bolivia to attend our Festival

We raised more than $25,000 to support our aviation program!

This is enough to make 50 emergency flights (such as this emergency flight for 3 patients in San Borja last year) and transport up to 250 ill and injured Bolivians to receive care.

Why the Aviation Program is Important

Aviation is a critical component to our programs in Bolivia. In addition to its core mission of providing emergency flights to isolated Bolivians that lack access to emergency care, the aviation program allows Mano a Mano to provide weekend health clinics to remote communities, as well as provide support to our staff in Bolivia – which can turn multiple-day drives into hour-long flights (for example, we have been able to save a week of work when our heavy equipment breaks down and we need to go to La Paz or Santa Cruz for repairs).

Thank You

We are very excited about the opportunities for Mano a Mano Aviation this year, which would not have been possible without everyone’s support. Because of Festival Bolivia 2012’s success, we will be able to respond to critical situations as they arise throughout the year. This is literally making the difference between life and death for the hundreds of Bolivians that we transport annually!

A special thanks to Prepare-Enrich, Festival Bolivia 2012’s Platinum Sponsor; RBC Wealth Management and Dan Brooks, our Silver Sponsor; and to all the Table Sponsors, attendees, and volunteers who made this event a success!

How Many Flights Will We Be Able to Make This Year?