Emergency Flight for Mother and Child

Arriving at the Cochabamba airport, for transport to the hospital.

Arriving at the Cochabamba airport, for transport to the hospital.

We were in the middle of a flight to the community of Tacora with volunteer medical professionals from Mano a Mano Bolivia for a training course for doctors and nurses when we received an emergency call over the radio. A woman who had given birth 4 days earlier was having complications, and needed to get to a hospital. One of the volunteer doctors on the flight stressed the urgency of the situation to our pilot; one hour later the plane was en route to pick up Lilliana and her baby. They arrived at the maternal ward of the Cochabamaba hospital where they are doing well now, recuperating.

Lilliana with her child.

Lilliana with her child, on the Mano a Mano plane.

More photos fo the emergency flight from our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Aviation:


Training in Tacora

The training that was originally scheduled in Tacora still took place. Our pilot flew into the area with volunteer instructors to provide on going training and education to area medical staff.


Tacora and area medical staff and community residents that were present when the plane arrived.

Tacora residents told our pilot that they had maintained the runway operable from the beginning – eight years ago – hoping that Mano a Mano would come back with some aspect of the aviation program.  They believed in us for eight years…never giving up.
Mano a Mano tries to stay in touch with the communities with activities, but there is always more to be done.
Mano a Mano is currently collaborating with three new communities to build runways, with a fourth community runway planned in the near future.