Email from a Recent Traveler About Her Bolivia Trip

In the month of March, almost 40 people traveled to Bolivia with Mano a Mano, just one of the many things we had going on that made for an extremely busy month!

Group of Mano a Mano travelers visiting the Wirkini Water Project currently under construction, March 2015.

Group of Mano a Mano travelers visiting the Wirkini Water Project currently under construction, March 2015.

Below is an email we received recently from Yvonne Cheek, one of the travelers last month. From her company website page: Dr. H. Yvonne Cheek, president of the Millennium Consulting Group, is a strategic change consultant, master trainer, and facilitator.

As an organization, we really appreciate receiving such positive feedback!

Email from Yvonne Cheek to Segundo and Joan Velasquez (Mano a Mano’s co-founders; they helped organize the trip and Segundo traveled to Bolivia to be with the group):

Segundo and Joan,

I am finally getting my Minneapolis sea legs back. After being gone 2 weeks I had to hit the ground running with client projects and deadlines. And my sister Betty had to move in with me because she popped her right knee doing nothing more than standing up – a meniscus tear for which she has to have surgery. She cannot drive, is on crutches, and has to keep her leg straight at all times. She is up beat and tells fabulously funny stories, so we are doing fine.

Mike and I are still reflecting on the extraordinary journey we had with you –seeing first hand what Mano a Mano is all about. We are in awe! –The way you are transforming lives and building infrastructure in rural Bolivia through new roads, new schools, new reservoirs, and new clinics It was truly a joy see all of this, to meet your family and to travel with 16 phenomenal people ages 5 – 84 for a week. What you arranged to introduce us to and your personal narration gave us a deep dive into Bolivian history, politics and the general lay of the land. Your sister spoiled us with her magnificent hosting and attention to every detail of making us comfortable. We are still on a high from your royal hospitality!! And from spending a night in the Andes with descendants of the Incas!

Our week of vacation was precious, too because we got to visit 2 other cities and had lots lots of highly contrasting activities and lots of surprises! We soaked up the food, the history, the arts, the parades, and the shopping. We took lots of photos of the beautiful scenery and gatherings of people.

Thank you for making it possible for us to join you on this transformation journey almost at the last minute. Our trip to Bolivia has left an indelible imprint on us. Mike and I were deeply touched by this experience! It was quite wonderful seeing first hand what a phenomenal organization Mano a Mano is!