This morning, our well-drilling operators from our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo are traveling to the community of Tajamar/Laguna Sulti in the Municipality of Punata to set up and drill one of four wells Mano a Mano will be building in the area. Like all Mano a Mano projects, these wells are a partnership, with participation and support from Harbortown Rotary Club, the municipality, the communities of Laguna Sulti and Chirusi, and Mano a Mano.   

Punata, Bolivia

More than 400 families (about 2,400 people) will benefit from the water well in Tajamar. The well will be located in Tajamar which has water located in an underground lake.

Mano a Mano’s well-drilling equipment on its way to Punata this morning. This heavy equipment enables us to drill deep wells, like the current well projects in Punata, and other projects like this well completed in Chinyata in 2019.

Mano a Mano Water Projects

Access to water is a human right. For some communities in rural Bolivia, it can be challenging to have consistent access to water year-round. Mano a Mano partners with these communities to build wells, water ponds, and large-scale reservoirs to improve communities’ access to water for themselves, their livestock, and their farms. There is always an active waiting list of communities hoping to partner with us, which depends on funding support.

Mano a Mano partnered with the community of Wirkini to build a water reservoir in 2016; watch drone footage of this reservoir taken earlier this year. Video Credit: William Wroblewski