Distributing Mobility Equipment in the Twin Cities

On Saturday, February 1, 2020 Mano a Mano donated 162 pieces of mobility equipment and medical supplies to people in need in the Twin Cities. The items ranged from glucometers and blood pressure cuffs to canes, shower chairs, and commodes. The estimated total value of these supplies is $16,000. This project was a collaboration with Twin Cities-area physical therapists to help distribute mobility equipment to some of their clients that have difficulty acquiring needed items.

Thank you to the many social workers and physical therapists that stopped by on Saturday, and to everyone that helped make this project possible!

Mano a Mano Co-Founder Segundo Velasquez and Volunteer Warehouse Manager Ray Wiedmeyer make adjustments on a stroller during the February 1 distribution.

A happy recipient!

We spent a few weeks getting things organized for this event on Saturday.

Reducing Waste in Minnesota, Improving Lives in Bolivia and Beyond

The vast majority of the donated supplies and equipment we receive (97%) is shipped to Bolivia; we shipped 203,747 pounds of supplies from Minnesota to Bolivia in 2019.

But we are happy to partner with other organizations when we have excess supplies, items that we cannot send to Bolivia, or items that are not the highest priority for our programs. Ultimately, we want to keep these supplies out of the landfill in Minnesota, and get them to people in need.