Distributing Food and Supplies in Jironkota

In July, Mano a Mano collaborated with Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) to distribute more than 50 pounds of food and supplies each to 106 families in the community of Jironkota in Bolivia. Mano a Mano supplemented the food packages whose purchase was funded by ZF with peanut butter and donated school supplies.

Jironkota resident with his bag of food.

Jironkota resident, happy with his bag of food and supplies!

Mano a Mano and the families who received food packages send a huge thank you to ZF for funding this project!

Zakat Foundation of America

In 40 countries worldwide, food package distribution in July was one aspect of ZF Ramadan programs that connect donors who were fasting with the needs of those who lack adequate food all year.

Gathering in front of Mano a Mano's clinic (built in 2012) to distribute food & supplies.

Gathering in front of Mano a Mano’s clinic (built in 2012) to distribute food & supplies.

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