Last Monday and Tuesday, 7 leaders from the community of Jironkota visited Mano a Mano’s Demonstration and Training Center (CEA) to get a better idea of the different methods available to improve agriculture for their community. As part of their visit, Mano a Mano staff facilitated a workshop for them to evaluate their own communities and what their highest-priority needs for agriculture are.


Demonstration garden at the CEA.


Mano a Mano’s Agronomist Camila giving the community leaders a tour of the demonstration and training center.

The community leaders were impressed with the CEA; they all told us that they wanted each one of the items in the demonstration garden for their community. Over the next year we will be starting to provide more training opportunities for rural farmers at the CEA to maximize the use of their available water and improve their agricultural capacity.


Workshop for community leaders to evaluate the agricultural needs in their community.

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