Mano a Mano’s medical surplus distribution program is primarily focused on distributing the supplies and equipment we collect in the US to equip our network of health clinics throughout Bolivia.

Equipping a Mano a Mano clinic prior to its dedication

Equipping a Mano a Mano clinic prior to its dedication

Unique Projects

But these supplies are also used for some unique projects.

As an example, last November Mano a Mano participated in an emergency preparedness simulation with Jorge Wilsterman Airport in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The simulation involved a staged case of an airplane with 68 passengers arriving, with some suspected of having a serious virus. Airport medical staff practiced isolating the plane and evaluating the passengers, then transporting 6 people to a local 3rd-level hospital to receive further evaluation and quarantining the remaining passengers in their homes.



This simulation was organized with a number of different organizations, including the Pan-American Health Organization, the Bolivian Health Ministry, and the Cochabamba Departamental Health Service.

Mano a Mano donated medical supplies for the simulation, including gloves, masks, gowns, sheets, show covers, and hats.


Other Uses of Supplies We Have Sent

This is just one example of some of the unique ways supplies that are donated in the US can be put to good use in Bolivia. Recently we have also sent supplies that were used to:

This is in addition to the primary goal of distributing supplies to our clinics; in 2012 Mano a Mano Bolivia made more than 700 distributions of supplies to Mano a Mano clinics, individuals, hospitals, and other organizations that serve the poor.

Beneficiaries of Medical Surplus Distribution Program

Fast-forward to the 4:47 mark to see a profile (or click the link) of a few of the people who have received supplies from Mano a Mano recently: