What began as a single suitcase of donated medical supplies from the US to Bolivia has now grown to a network of 139 (and counting) health clinics throughout the country that have almost a million patient visits each year. In this video, hear from some of the Bolivian doctors and nurses that work in Mano a Mano’s clinics – the challenges, the long hours, their dedication – and see how these Bolivians are making a difference in their own communities.

With our clinic projects, Mano a Mano (both in the US and through our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia in-country) helps to get these projects completed and provides on-going assistance and programs, alongside critical support from the communities, their municipalities, and the Bolivian government (learn more about our clinic model here). But there are also more than 450 dedicated Bolivian doctors, nurses, and dentists working in our clinics day-in and day-out that ensure these projects are functioning and that they do improve health in their communities. We are very grateful for their hard work!

Video Overview

0:00-3:46 – Overview of Mano a Mano
3:46-End – Interviews with Doctors and Nurses