This spring, Mano a Mano is partnering with William Mitchell College of Law to take part in a seminar course called “Advising the International and Humanitarian NGO” (William Mitchell posted an article about the project on their website which you can read here).

The course is an exciting project, now in its second year, where legal students have the chance to serve as legal advisers for Mano a Mano on issues that we don’t have the time or background to address. The first offering of the course in Spring 2012 had 7 students, and we will have 11 students this upcoming semester.

We were very happy with the first semester’s results; students worked in groups and looked into a variety of legal issues, from risk management and liability to board policies and researching best practices for Minnesota nonprofits.

William Mitchell Students from the Spring 2012 course were invited to attend Mano a Mano's Festival 2012 at the St. Paul Hotel in April