Our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia is hosting its 14th “Acute Care Conference” on April 26-28, 2023. This conference will have theory and practical sections, and is in partnership with Medical Educators For Latin America – MELA, Mayo Clinic, Sociedad Científica Boliviana de Medicina General Filial Cochabamba, and Colegio Médico de Bolivia – Quillacollo. Check out the picture for more details and contact information:

Continuing Health Education

A critical component of Mano a Mano’s health programs in Bolivia is to provide health education: to communities through weekend health clinics providing basic services; to Mano a Mano’s clinic staff through continuing health education workshops; and to medical professionals from other organizations. These programs are managed and administered by Mano a Mano Bolivia, and serve a complementary role to the construction of community clinics throughout rural Bolivia. In 2022, Mano a Mano Bolivia hosted 17 health education workshops for 1,032 attendees.

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