On June 5th, 2021 the Bolivian news site El Guardián Beniano shared the story of Oscar Morales Escobar and his health challenges that led to multiple surgeries and required air transport from San Borja to Cochabamba, which was provided by Mano a Mano Aviation. Below is the English translation of Oscar’s story in his own words; here is a link to the original post on El Guardián Beniano’s Facebook page, and it is also embedded below.

English Translation of Article in El Guardián Beniano – June 5th, 2021


San Borja, Bolivia


Exactly a year ago we could feel firsthand all the limitations that the health system had in our Municipality: an operating room with many deficiencies, a weak pharmacy without the necessary medications, without an anesthesiologist and only the will of the doctors and nurses.

It was 11 in the morning when I entered the operating room where a brave professional, Dr. Preslinda Rodas Perez, began a complicated surgery. Due to the circumstances in which the problem developed, I could not tolerate a total anesthesia. Her work was made difficult by the picture that my body presented, the attempts were in vain. Unfortunately, the surgery only gave me a few more hours to struggle to survive. When we left surgery the following hours were vital for me. I required transfer to a Level I Hospital. At that time the country was living through the worst of the 1st wave of this pandemic and Beni was at the top of its infection curve.

On June 5, I underwent surgery for the first time with the diagnosis of acute sepsis due to peritonitis. Nothing else could be done in San Borja. I must thank my wife Raisa Roca Cornejo for the brave decision that, despite the situation we are going through financially, she took the appropriate steps to transport me to the city of Cochabamba. In the meantime, many people emerged who helped achieve this task. I must thank Dr. Valeria Roca, Don Ronald Tovias, Ronald Scandar Tovias Claure, Herman Onofre Arias, Lippi Roca, Nelly Quisbert, Efren Roca, Lucio Salazar, Frida Velasquez, my colleagues from the Press Union, mothers of the children of the 2nd year of primary school at Colegio Marylan and many others who may escape my mind.

They were crucial hours and I really felt blessed by the great solidarity of my people, beautiful people who do not hesitate to help me. I remember the expressions of affection and support that I received that are difficult to not highlight. How could I forget that we received a piggy bank full of contributions from the business sector, very full, which was given to my wife on the 8th before leaving. Nor could I forget to highlight how colleagues from the press joined forces and managed to gather a large part of the resources to move me to Cochabamba: Koki, Ronald Scandar and Lippi managed to add that much more. As a result, I was able to leave San Borja for Cochabamba on a direct flight thanks to the good will of Cap. Ivo Martinez, from the NGO Mano a Mano.


I arrived in Cochabamba on June 8 in the afternoon and at night I was operated on by Dr. Benjamin Montes, a prominent surgeon who operated on me and saved my life.

That day did not end everything; it began a story of struggle that many do not know. The operation was a success but the days between the operation and my discharge were very hard; we were so close to going to ICU due to an inexplicable complication with my body. Only faith and my wife’s unconditional support got us out of what seemed like the end.

Hard days, endless nights marked an incredibly fast recovery. I must thank Clinica “Los Angeles” who gave us first-rate care and allowed this story to have a happy ending.

Within a week we were back again thanks to the NGO Mano a Mano, who did not hesitate to bring us back on a direct flight from Cochabamba to San Borja, this time already healthy and with a second chance at life.

Mano a Mano providing a flight for Oscar. Photo Credit: El Guardian Beniano.


I must thank God for having put great human beings who are excellent people on my path, starting with my life partner Raisa Roca Cornejo, who more than demonstrated that she was and is the greatest blessing in my life, my children (Raul, Luciano and Izel), my in-laws, my brother Max, my niece Marieta but above all Hansel Roca, a living brother who gave me his full support and because of  whom I am now here.

A year ago I started a new story in my life. I thank God for all his blessings, for you who follow my work day by day, you who were part of this second chance and to whom I will be eternally grateful, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Oscar Morales Escobar EGB June 5th, 2021

Original Article on El Guardián Beniano Facebook Page – June 5th, 2021