Here are a few photos from our road project in El Palmar, which is due to be completed this year! We currently have 8 staff working and living onsite, along with 9 pieces of heavy equipment.


Aerial view of completed portion of El Palmar Road.

One of Our Most Challenging Projects

Our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo has been working on this road, located in the Municipality of Culpina, Department of Chuquisaca, for multiple years, and this has been one of the most challenging projects we have ever undertaken; a flood wiped out a portion of the road that had already been completed in 2012, and the working conditions are very difficult for our staff, who combat constant attacks from biting insects, extreme heat, and heavy rains with little opportunity to find protective shelter. The project location is so isolated that it takes our staff 27 hours to drive from Cochabamba to the site.

What the Road Will Do

The road connects the region with the Departments of Tarija and Cochabamba and will provide access and communication to 18,180 people who live in the area, allow farmers to take products to outside markets, and create opportunities for families and hope for the children of this whole region. Travel time from the village of El Palmar to Culpina’s southern border (the road to Tarija and Santa Cruz) will be reduced from 24 hours on horseback to 2 hours by truck.

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