Constructing Furniture for Schools and Clinics in Bolivia

At Mano a Mano Bolivia’s warehouse in Cochabamba, staff build supplies and equipment for Mano a Mano schools and clinics.

Through our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia, Mano a Mano has completed 167 clinics and 62 schools (and counting) throughout Bolivia. We depend on collaborating with partners to make these projects possible: the community and municipality provide volunteer support, a portion of funding, and administration of the project upon completion; seed money is raised through donors primarily in the US but also Canada, Europe, and other locations; and project management and construction is the responsibility of Mano a Mano Bolivia.

Keeping Costs Down

One way we are able to keep costs down, and ensure fully functioning projects, is that all windows, doors, desks, chairs, beds, and other equipment are built by Mano a Mano Bolivia staff at their warehouse in Cochabamba. These desks and chairs were being prepared for a school project in June 2019.

Building a Mano a Mano Clinic From Start to Finish