Buy a Handmade Kayak, Support Mano a Mano

Tony Kayak_2018

Buy a beautiful kayak, support Mano a Mano: Anthony Schmitz of Frogtown Kayak made this kayak that is available for $900. From Craigslist:

“Light, lively skin-on-frame kayak. Slightly over 14 feet, under 35 pounds. Wonderful for a quiet lake, but also capable of multi-day trips in Voyageurs, BWCA. Cedar gunwales and stringers, white oak ribs, nylon fabric covered with two-part urethane. A very sweet boat. The sale price will go in its entirety to Mano a Mano, a St. Paul/Bolivia based organization that recycles US medical equipment to Bolivian hospitals and clinics, and also funds a wide variety of development work in Bolivia. ( A portion of the sales price may be tax deductible.”

Check out the Craigslist posting here.