Jusku Molle Water Reservoir

In 2012, we completed a new water project in Jusku Molle, Bolivia, a community about five minutes down the road from our water project in Laguna Sulti. 

Jusku Molle reservoir filled with water.

Project Information

This reservoir will provide 350 Bolivian families with sufficient water to irrigate their crops. The reservoir can hold 50,000 cubic meters of water and will irrigate about 741 acres of land (the reservoir is roughly the size of 3 football fields).

The Jusku Molle project makes it possible for its farmers to carefully guard their rain water. Using PVC pipe, pump and valves to control water release, they direct water to flow through their cropland via shallow earthen channels. This method of managing water not only contributes to a healthier and more economically sound life for these families; it also helps prevent erosion which would otherwise damage the land during heavy rains.


The Jusku Molle water project has had a similar impact as in Mano a Mano’s other water projects. Farmers have greatly increased their crop yields and quality, which has led to improved nutrition and food security for their households and can double or even triple incomes. We have built 6 agricultural water reservoirs as well as 153 water ponds; these projects benefit more than 25,000 Bolivians. As with all of our projects, the community was heavily involved in building this project.

Project Goals include: 

  • Increase community capacity to raise sufficient quantities and varieties of foods to provide food security and a healthy diet for its population.
  • Create community capacity to produce crops and livestock that can be sold in larger urban markets and thus increase farm family income.  As a result of this project, families will be able to substantially increase crop yields and livestock and thus double or triple their income.

More Information about Jusku Molle Water Reservoir

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