A few days ago we wrote about Martha, a 17 year-old girl from San Borja, Bolivia. Martha had a large tumor in her knee, and Mano a Mano provided an emergency air transport for her to Cochabamba.

Martha being transported to Cochabamba

Martha was taken to the Clinica Los Olivos, one of the best health care centers in Bolivia. We asked for an update from our staff in Bolivia about Martha’s condition, and yesterday we received this note from Maria Blanca who went to visit her:

I was hoping to share good news with you, but it’s not the case. 

Yesterday, we spoke with Sister Adelina. She informed us that nothing could be done with the girl. They had done what they needed to so she could withstand the surgery, but they can’t do anything for her. They’re afraid that by amputating the leg, she’ll lose too much blood and die. I imagine that there must be at least 3 liters of blood in the tumor on the knee, so it’s hopeless.
Today I went to the hospital to visit both of them. The girl’s name is Martha, the oldest of two sisters. I spoke with her, she told me that she’s been sick for a year and a half. I fed her (it was dinner time), I gave her something to drink, and I gave her some money. I prayed for her. I said goodbye. 

Tomorrow the Mano a Mano plane that brought her here with hope, will return her to San Borja to wait for the end in her little corner of life. Hopefully it can be God’s will, that, in an act of mercy, He could choose a different ending.

What could we do for Martha? Nothing! Not even take her out of the country. She doesn’t have a birth certificate, no I.D., let alone a passport, no money. It’s like she’s just a wild animal. The poverty in my country is huge. 

I want to thank you all for your generosity. I know you all loved her and wanted to do something for her. Martha will be a memory in our lives. I want her to remind us of love more than pain.  There are still many Marthas in the world. It’s true that today you and Mano a Mano got there late, but we hope that tomorrow we arrive on time.