Work on the Maldonado Water Reservoir Has Started

Work on the Maldonado Water Reservoir Has Started Mano a Mano has recently started the clearing/cleaning of the site where the reservoir levee will be constructed. All the black soil from this whole area will be removed and ultimately replaced. After the clearing/cleaning is accomplished, personnel will be digging 4 meters into the ground (and […]

Wirkini Water Reservoir is Full

 Wirkini Water Reservoir is Full Mano a Mano’s water reservoir in Wirkini, Bolivia – completed in October 2016 – is completely full of water right now and almost ready to overflow. The current levels are especially impressive considering that the community has already received multiple releases of water, and that Bolivia is in the midst […]

Visiting the Wirkini Water Reservoir

Visiting the Wirkini Water Reservoir Our co-founder Segundo Velasquez is currently in Bolivia, and he recently stopped by our current water project under construction – a water reservoir in Wirkini, Bolivia. He sent the following note about his visit: I visited the Wirkini project and continue to be amazed at the commitment and dedication of […]

More Pictures from Wirkini Water Project

More Pictures from Wirkini Water Project Yesterday we posted a few pictures updating progress on our water project in Wirkini, Bolivia for June 2015. Last night Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo staff sent a few more photos from the project taken in the past few days. Once complete, the reservoir will provide irrigation water to at […]

Rivers to Dust

Rivers to Dust We just wanted to share this beautiful video made by Fusion on how climate change is effecting communities in the rural Bolivian Highlands. The people talking in this video have the same concerns as the community represetatives that come to Mano a Mano, asking to partner with us on projects, and water reservoirs […]

El Palmar Road Project Being Dedicated this Week

El Palmar Road Project Being Dedicated this Week   Post by Mano a Mano International.  

Teacher Conference, Agriculture Fair in El Palmar, Bolivia

Mano a Mano has been working on a large road project in El Palmar, Bolivia for years, which is now operational (we are still working on a few small elements, but the road is basically complete). Every project is a huge collaborative effort; read more about our partnership model here. In the past month there […]

Sancayani Reservoir – Snow at 14,000 Feet

Mano a Mano staff were doing work on the site of our recently completed water reservoir in Sancayani, Bolivia and there is snow on the ground! This is in contrast to the city of Cochabamba, which is only a 2-hour drive away, where the highs are in the 80s even with its elevation of 8500 […]