Mano a Mano Plane Close to Flying in Bolivia

Last week we painted on the new plane registration number as we are close to finalizing being certified in Bolivia – it is almost ready to start flying and providing emergency flights!

#FlashbackFriday – Interview with Mano a Mano Pilot Ivo

#FlashbackFriday – Interview with Mano a Mano Pilot Ivo #FlashbackFriday – in 2012 we interviewed Mano a Mano Aviation pilot Ivo Daniel Martinez about our aviation program and why it’s so important for the work we do in Bolivia. The program stays extremely busy, providing emergency flights to nearly 50 people throughout Bolivia every month and flying volunteer […]

Recent Emergency Flight – Fernando’s Back Injury

Recent Emergency Flight – Fernando’s Back Injury Fernando experienced a back injury and was taken to the hospital in Trinidad. Tragically, the hardware (bolts, screws, etc.) that was available to and used by the surgeon was faulty and began to fail shortly after Fernando went back home following the operation. Soon he was in excruciating pain. Bolts […]

Providing Emergency Flights & Weekend Health Clinics in Bolivia

Providing Emergency Flights & Weekend Health Clinics in Bolivia For many small communities in the tropical Amazon regions of Bolivia, they can be hours or even days away from quality health care, which is especially difficult in cases of emergency. Our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Aviation responds to emergencies (mostly in the department of Beni) and […]

Thank-You Letter to Mano a Mano Aviation for Aviation Support

A few days ago we received a very nice letter from the sisters of “La Caridad.”  They were grateful to Mano a Mano for all the assistance given to them this year. Mano a Mano is happy to partner with a wide variety of organizations: from other nonprofit organizations, to civic and volunteer organizations, to municipalities, […]

Emergency Flight for Mother and Child

Emergency Flight for Mother and Child We were in the middle of a flight to the community of Tacora with volunteer medical professionals from Mano a Mano Bolivia for a training course for doctors and nurses when we received an emergency call over the radio. A woman who had given birth 4 days earlier was […]

Flying in San Benito, Bolivia

Flying in San Benito, Bolivia Post by Mano a Mano International.

49 Emergency Air Rescues in August, and Weekend Health Clinics

49 Emergency Air Rescues in August Mano a Mano’s aviation program transported 49 people to emergency care in the month of August. The vast majority of these flights are going from our hangar in Cochabamba to the department of Beni, located in the Amazon region of Bolivia. Weekend Health Clinics in Beni Department In addition […]

Family Asks For Food Donations for Flood Relief Instead of Flowers

Our co-founder Segundo Velasquez just arrived in Bolivia this week and sent the following photo this morning. A family in Bolivia who had gathered to remember a family member who had died 10 years earlier asked friends & family to bring food items for flood relief instead of flowers. Segundo helped pick up these supplies […]

Flood Relief Update – 25,000 Pounds of Food & Supplies Distributed

Air-Dropping Food & Supplies into Beni, Bolivia Below is a short video of the food drops Mano a Mano is doing in the Trinidad, Beni area: The devastation is very bad. Even though the flood waters are receding, vast areas are still underwater; airstrips are flooded and canoes are the only way to get around […]