Center for Ecological Agriculture (CEA)

Mano a Mano has built a Center for Ecological Agriculture (CEA, also known as the demonstration and training center).


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Center for Ecological Agriculture.

Center for Ecological Agriculture.

Project Information

The CEA achieves 4 distinct goals for Mano a Mano:

  • implements low-cost, low-tech tools for Bolivian communities
  • provides training and demonstration of sustainable farming techniques at the center (the ‘open book’ to show farmers what is possible)
  • provides a place for Mano a Mano to test and pilot different projects before implementing in the field (the ‘Mano a Mano lab’)
  • integrates Mano a Mano as an organization (3 out of our 4 counterpart organizations are building their offices or warehouses on the same land) – it serves as the ‘Mano a Mano hub’ in Cochabamba

This project has two goals: 1) ensure that subsistence farmers attain maximum benefits from water projects that Mano a Mano completes in partnership with them, and 2) increase the organization’s capacity to implement successful agricultural water projects over the long term.

Students harvesting their lunch - CEA

More Information about the Center for Ecological Agriculture (CEA)

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Demonstrating the Biodigester

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Why Did We Build the CEA?