The Laguna Sulti Water Reservoir is Full

The Laguna Sulti Water Reservoir is Full Mano a Mano staff visited the Laguna Sulti Water Reservoir recently, and it is full of water as the rainy season begins. In 2007, Mano a Mano completed this project, which provides water access to 3,600 Bolivians. Farmers there tell us that having water access almost guarantees them a […]

Families Benefiting from the Wirkini Water Reservoir

Families Benefiting from the Wirkini Water Reservoir Paulino Rocha Gonzales, 44 years old, married with 4 children living in Iluri Grande, Tiraque Province, is a direct beneficiary of the waters made possible by the Wirkini reservoir. He mentions that the water in the reservoir is currently full, with the excess water flowing through the overflow […]

An In-Depth Look at CEA’s On-Site Agricultural Training Workshops

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Lindsay Emi. Lindsay is a writer and student from Los Angeles, California. She is eighteen years old and a volunteer from Princeton University’s Bridge Year Program in Bolivia. She will spend six months in Cochabamba volunteering with Mano a Mano, and then attend Princeton beginning in the fall of […]

Laguna Sulti Reservoir Full With Water

As the rainy season begins in the Andes region of Bolivia, our water reservoirs are filling up! Both Laguna Sulti (pictured here) and Jusku Molle (a few minutes’ drive from Laguna Sulti) are both completely filled with water and at capacity. This is the primary purpose of our water projects – to collect water during […]