Central Unificada 2 De Marzo Clinic

Central Unificada 2 de Marzo is a small community of 2,000 people (including the 10 small neighboring communities) in the municipality of Villa Puerto Villarroel, province of Chapare, department of Cochabamba, Bolivia. It is about 250 kilometers northeast of the city of Cochabamba, or a 5-hour drive from the city.

Inauguration brochure for Central Unificada dedication on March 21, 2015.

Central Unificada (upper right corner of map) is about a 4-hour drive from Cochabamba (bottom left corner).

Project Information

The new clinic replaces the previous clinic building, which was a very small space, inadequate for visitors, and uncomfortable working conditions for the medical staff on site. With the new clinic, medical professionals working in the community will have a much more comfortable working environment (which is very important for retaining staff in isolated rural communities); community residents will have regular access to quality health care services provided through the Bolivian Health Ministry. As a Mano a Mano clinic, it will have Volunteer Health Promoter Training and Continuing Health Education workshops provided through our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia; it will also receive equipment and supplies to ensure that it is fully-furnished, and is connected with Mano a Mano Bolivia medical staff via radio for help with any difficult cases or issues. The Central Unificada 2 de Marzo clinic joins the Mano a Mano clinic network and provides another 2,000 Bolivians with access to health care.

Unloading supplies for the Central Unificada 2 de Marzo clinic.

More Information about the Central Unificada 2 De Marzo Clinic

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