Ucuchi Reservoir

Ucuchi Reservoir

Mano a Mano built its first water project in Ucuchi – the Ucuchi Reservoir) in 2005.

Ucuchi water reservoir, September 2013

Ucuchi water reservoir, September 2013

Project Information

3,600 people directly benefit from the project. In its first year after completion, 640 hectares of land were being irrigated, as opposed to 250 hectares previously, and personal incomes went from $150/year to $300/year. An expansion of this project was completed in 2013.

Dedication of Ucuchi reservoir in 2005

Below is a video of the Ucuchi Reservoir filled with water!

This reservoir also went under some improvements in 2013 to improve the collection channels that direct water to the reservoir , in order to increase the volume of water.

Ucuchi residents arrive to help with the channels

Ucuchi residents arrive to help with the channels.

More Information about Ucuchi Reservoir

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Ucuchi is one of 7 major water projects that our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo has completed since 2005


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February 3, 2013