Laguna Sulti Water Reservoir

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Laguna Sulti Water Reservoir

In 2007, Mano a Mano built a water reservoir in Laguna Sulti, which provides water access to 3,600 Bolivians.

Project Information

This is the primary purpose of our water projects – to collect water during the short 2-3 month rainy season from January-March and then have water available to communities during the 9 months where almost no rain falls.

Farmers there tell us that having water access almost guarantees them a good harvest; on August 13, 2012 leaders from 10 communities in the Laguna Sulti area traveled to the Mano a Mano Nuevo Mundo office in Cochabamba. Don Primitivo Montano, a former community leader, told us that they had never had a better corn harvest than that year, and everyone in the group expressed their deep appreciation for the water project. In 2014 Mano a Mano conducted an expansion project on the reservoir.

Below, you can see the difference the reservoir makes for farmers in the area. The corn on the right is the size of the crops before the reservoir and on the left are crops with the help of the water reservoir.

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February 3, 2013