Jihuacuta Clinic

Jihuacuta Clinic

Jihuacuta Clinic is in a community in the municipality of Caquiaviri, in the Pacajes province of the department of La Paz. It’s economy is based on raising llamas and sheep. The population is physically established on the inter-oceanic route that goes to Peru. Juhuacuta is a community of 1370 and is about a 7 hour drive from Cochabamba (425km).

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Project Information

With the new clinic, medical professionals working in the community will have a much more comfortable working environment (which is very important for retaining staff in isolated rural communities); community residents will have regular access to quality health care services provided through the Bolivian Health Ministry. As a Mano a Mano clinic, it will have Volunteer Health Promoter Training and Continuing Health Education workshops provided through our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia; it will also receive equipment and supplies to ensure that it is fully-furnished, and is connected with Mano a Mano Bolivia medical staff via radio for help with any difficult cases or issues.

More Information about Jihuacuta Clinic

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June 25, 2015