Culturally Competent Social Work Practice

Culturally Competent Social Work Practice This presentation on working bi-culturally and providing culturally competent social work practice was given by Mano a Mano co-founder Joan Velasquez, Ph.D. to a Twin Cities-area clinic recently. Joan’s social work background has had a huge influence on Mano a Mano’s community-based partnership model; as Joan says: “Mano a Mano’s […]

Everything Starts With the Community

Everything Starts With the Community Everything that Mano a Mano does starts with the community – hand in hand. They come to us to ask for our help on projects that they have identified, they provide a percentage of the project’s costs (along with the Municipality), they provide volunteer labor throughout construction, and they take […]

Almost a Decade at Mano a Mano (and Why I’m Still Here)

Almost a Decade at Mano a Mano… In just a few short months, I’ll be hitting my 10-year anniversary of working at Mano a Mano. It has defintely felt like a long time since my initial job interview in November 2005, which was for a part-time, Administrative Assistant position, and was my first interview after […]

Mano a Mano’s Development Model and Amartya Sen

The following is a guest post by Mano a Mano intern¬†Jesse Flanagan. If this post is of interest, be sure to check back over the next few weeks, as our book Gaining Ground: A Blueprint for Community-Based International Development, will be available soon! Gaining Ground details Mano a Mano’s grassroots, community-based approach to development and […]

Making Peanut Butter – the Mano a Mano Model in Action

A few days ago we mentioned a recent project to make peanut butter in Bolivia, for distribution in food packets to flood-affected communities and also to sell to raise funding for Mano a Mano. The Mano a Mano Model in Action As part of our internal back-and-forth communications, Mano a Mano co-founder Joan Velasquez wrote […]

Making Peanut Butter to Include in Food Distributions

Over the past week Mano a Mano has been working to respond to Bolivian communities that have been hardest-hit by the heavy rains and flooding (you can read more about the floods and our response HERE and HERE). Distributing 2,000+ Kilos of Food It’s still raining in Bolivia but the rain is not as heavy […]

Our Mission

Our Mission Our mission is to create partnerships with impoverished Bolivian communities that improve health and increase economic well-being. Building Effective Infrastructure Projects for the Long-Term Mano a Mano focuses on building community infrastructure projects and providing complementary services that ensure each project is effective. We also focus on long-term¬†sustainability¬†– all of our projects have […]