Water Flowing In Wirkini

Water Flowing In Wirkini Water flowing from Mano a Mano’s newest reservoir project in Wirkini, Bolivia. Now, Wirkini farmers have access to water year-round to irrigate their fields; they can have better yields and grow a wider variety of foods to improve nutrition for their families and improve their incomes. #water #farm #family #agriculture #health […]

Mano a Mano Volunteers

Mano a Mano Volunteers From left to right: Ray, Mark, and Bob, 3 of Mano a Mano’s most dedicated volunteers, with our co-founder Segundo Velasquez, at the Mano a Mano warehouse over the weekend, working on loading 4 containers with more than 85,000 pounds of supplies. These supplies are now en route to #Bolivia, where […]

Keeping Our Co-Founder’s Mom Busy

Keeping Our Co-Founder’s Mom Busy Mano a Mano co-founder Segundo Velasquez’ mom Ines, at almost 96 years of age, helping to sort and pack school supplies yesterday in #Cochabamba. #ageisjustanumber #Minnesota #Bolivia #volunteer #school #family #nonprofit #grateful A photo posted by Mano a Mano International (@manoamanointl) on Mar 10, 2016 at 8:17am PST