Nice Article on Star Tribune About St. Paul Nonprofit CTI

Nice Article on Star Tribune About St. Paul Nonprofit CTI We were happy to see the recent article on the Star Tribune about the St. Paul-based nonprofit Compatible Technology International (CTI). You can read the article here. CTI is right down the street from Mano a Mano, and we actually bought a few of the […]

Thank-You Letter to Mano a Mano Aviation for Aviation Support

A few days ago we received a very nice letter from the sisters of “La Caridad.”  They were grateful to Mano a Mano for all the assistance given to them this year. Mano a Mano is happy to partner with a wide variety of organizations: from other nonprofit organizations, to civic and volunteer organizations, to municipalities, […]

Our Response to Flooding in Bolivia

In the first 2-3 months of 2014, there was very heavy flooding in the Beni region of Bolivia, where the majority of our aviation program takes place: Bolivia’s Amazonian region has experienced the most disastrous flooding of the past 100 years. In the Beni department, 7 of 8 provinces and 16 of 19 municipalities are under water, […]

Flood Relief Update – 25,000 Pounds of Food & Supplies Distributed

Air-Dropping Food & Supplies into Beni, Bolivia Below is a short video of the food drops Mano a Mano is doing in the Trinidad, Beni area: The devastation is very bad. Even though the flood waters are receding, vast areas are still underwater; airstrips are flooded and canoes are the only way to get around […]

Air-Dropping Food and Supplies in the Beni

Post by Mano a Mano Aviation. Air-Dropping Food and Supplies in the Beni The above video is our counterpart organization Mano a Mano Aviation air-dropping more donated food and supplies that Mano a Mano has collected into flood-affected communities in the Beni. These communities are only accessible by plane or canoe, and all of the airstrips […]

First Shipment of Mano a Mano Peanut Butter

The first shipment of Mano a Mano peanut butter is ready to distribute in the flooded areas! This first shipment will be going to Ushbe, in the department of Beni, Bolivia. This is still very much a learning process for us, as we think about best ways to package, how to shell and peel efficiently, […]