Ucuchi Water Reservoir – Part of the San Isidro Ecotourism Park

Ucuchi Water Reservoir – Part of the San Isidro Ecotourism Park Mano a Mano completed its first water reservoir project in 2005 in Ucuchi, a community just outside of Cochabamba. 3,600 people directly benefit from the project. In its first year after completion, 640 hectares of land were being irrigated, as opposed to 250 hectares […]

My Speech From Mano a Mano’s Festival Bolivia 2016

My Speech From Mano a Mano’s Festival Bolivia 2016 At Mano a Mano’s event in late April 2016, I talked a little bit about my journey with Mano a Mano – about how I started here more than 10 years ago, and why I’m still here. I wanted to post it here for people that […]

Almost a Decade at Mano a Mano (and Why I’m Still Here)

Almost a Decade at Mano a Mano… In just a few short months, I’ll be hitting my 10-year anniversary of working at Mano a Mano. It has defintely felt like a long time since my initial job interview in November 2005, which was for a part-time, Administrative Assistant position, and was my first interview after […]

Reframing Community Development Workshop

Reframing Community Development Workshop Yesterday, Mano a Mano hosted a workshop titled “Reframing Community Development: A Conversation among Faith Leaders in the Twin Cities.” The workshop was hosted by Mano a Mano co-founder Joan Velasquez, Ph.D., and Janel Kragt Bakker, Associate Director of Collegeville Institute; and used Mano a Mano and sister church relationships as […]

Wirkini Water Reservoir Project 35% Complete

Wirkini Water Reservoir Project 35% Complete Mano a Mano’s water project in Wirkini, Bolivia is about 35% complete! The working conditions are very challenging – it is about 13,000 feet above sea level and very cold and windy – but when complete will provide consistent access to water for more than 2,000 people. Learn more […]

Greenhouses in Jironkota, Bolivia

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Mano a Mano Health Program Update – First Quarter 2014

Health Program Update – First Quarter 2014 Below is an update on our health programs, that are run by Mano a Mano’s counterpart organization Mano a Mano Bolivia, for the first quarter of 2014. Delivered 706 Babies Infant and maternal health is one of the primary services in our clinics. In the first quarter of 2014 […]

Work Underway on Wirkini Water Project

Work on the Wirkini water project has started! Operators are clearing the levee area of any unwanted materials, draining water away, and preparing the site for the more serious work to come. In the next couple of days, there will be more Mano a Mano machines arriving and more operators working onsite. The community is […]

Find Your Calling – Oxford Brookes Student Katie Reilly

There was a nice feature in the Oxford Brookes University 2015 Prospectus about Architecture student Katie Reilly, who traveled to Bolivia with Mano a Mano in August 2013. Oxford Development Abroad She was part of a group of volunteers from Oxford Development Abroad, who will have a group traveling again to Bolivia this summer for the 3rd year […]

Looking Back at the Cotagaita Road Project

As we get closer to completing our large road project in El Palmar, below is a video highlighting one of our other major road projects in Cotagaita that was completed a few years ago. The Cotagaita road project is 86.9 kilometers, and goes from 8,500 feet above sea level to 16,500 feet above sea level. […]