Big Volunteer Groups this Week!

Over the past week we have had a huge number of Twin Cities volunteers working with Mano a Mano – more than 200 people since last Saturday! Many people think of Mano a Mano as our work being only in Bolivia, but we  depend heavily on our Minnesota volunteers and supporters to collect, sort, and pack donated supplies that equip our projects in Bolivia and keep costs down, raise funds to be able to build projects in Bolivia, help with research and office projects, and to help spread the word and involve more people so that we can continue meet the need in Bolivia while also reducing waste in Minnesota. Our local volunteers truly have a global impact!

Having this many volunteers in a week would have been unthinkable at this point last year.

In November 2013, we were still working out of our co-founders’ home in Mendota Heights, and we just didn’t have the capacity to host large groups of volunteers. Since we moved into our new space in January, we have been able to open opportunities for larger groups of volunteers & have more available office space for interns & volunteers, which has been a huge opportunity to involve more people in Minnesota!

Do you want to volunteer? Do you have a group you’d like to bring to our office? Just contact us and we can find something that works!

Below are a few of the groups we have worked with over the past week:

Cargill Lawyers International Conference – 11/21/2013

100+ Cargill Lawyers sorted and packed 100 boxes of hospital linens for Mano a Mano to ship to our networks in Bolivia as part of their international conference in Minnetonka.

Cargill lawyers sorting and packing hospital linens.

Cargill lawyers sorting and packing hospital linens.

We had a great time putting on the event at the Marriott International Hotel in Minnetonka, and especially meeting all the lawyers from around the world working at Cargill. And a big thank you also to the 10 Mano a Mano volunteers & interns who came out to help Mano a Mano facilitate such a large group of people.

We are so lucky to have such a dedicated and fun Mano a Mano family! Thank you!

Target World Headquarters’ Technology and Product Development Departments – 11/20/2013

About 50 volunteers from the Target World Headquarters’ Technology and Product Development Departments contributed over 30 volunteer hours sorting and counting wound care supplies for Mano a Mano!

Target volunteers.

Target volunteers.

We had a lot of fun meeting Target employees and hosting the activity at their corporate office – great job sorting these valuable supplies, your efforts will make a big difference for our rural community health clinics!

Macalester, St. Kate’s, Urban Immersion, World Jubilee – 11/16/2013

We had a busy Saturday! Thank you to the volunteers from Macalester Global Development Group, the St. Kate’s Medical Interest Group, and the Urban Immersion Youth Group from Roseville for all their assistance organizing the warehouse, palletizing medical supplies boxes, sorting medical supplies, addressing save the date cards for our 20th anniversary on April 12th, 2014, and organizing the orthopedic supplies. We also had volunteers selling crafts at the World Jubilee craft sale in Edina.

Macalester volunteers.

Macalester volunteers.

St. Kate's volunteers.

St. Kate’s volunteers.

Urban Immersion volunteers.

Urban Immersion volunteers.

We are so grateful to all of our volunteers for your very hard work!

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