Measurable outcomes with sustainable results. Since 1994:

  • Shipped 3.5 million pounds of medical, school, and construction supplies valued at $14 million to Bolivia that would have ended up in Minnesota landfills.
  • Built 155 clinics that provide comprehensive health care access to 700,000 Bolivians. The infant and maternal mortality rates in our clinics is more than 90% lower compared to the available rural infant/maternal mortality data.
  • Constructed or improved 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) of roads helping isolated communities connect to larger markets. Travel time can be reduced from days to a few hours.
  • Constructed large agricultural water reservoirs and 170 water ponds (atajados). Access to water improves crop yields and quality for Bolivian farmers, which improves nutrition and can double or triple a family’s income.
  • Built 54 schools, along with teacher housing and community bathrooms, that provide access to quality education to rural children.
  • Provided emergency air rescue to 2,648 patients for life-saving medical treatment.
All of these projects began with a request from the local community, and were built in collaboration with them and the local government. Every single one of these projects continues to operate today, with no direct ongoing funding from Mano a Mano (read more about our model).

Programs for Ongoing Support

We continue to provide education and training, maintenance, and adequate supplies to all projects we have built. These projects can vary from continuing health education workshops for our doctors and nurses in clinics, community maintenance days for road and water projects, and providing school supplies, medical supplies and equipment, and construction supplies that are donated in the US and then shipped to Bolivia.

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