Thank You HNTB Volunteers!

Mano a Mano welcomed a new company, the Minnesota office of HNTB, yesterday for an evening volunteer event with Mano a Mano volunteers. We sorted and packed over 40 boxes of medical supplies destined for Bolivian clinics and hospitals! Thank you to everyone who participated and we very much hope to have HNTB back to volunteer […]

New E-Newsletter – Update on Mano a Mano Flood Relief, Project Updates

New E-Newsletter - Update on Mano a Mano Flood Relief, Project Updates Today we sent out an e-newsletter update about our flood relief efforts and other project updates, which you can READ HERE. Sign Up For Mano a Mano E-Newsletter If you’d like to get email updates like these, which we send every few weeks, CLICK […]

Water Flowing for Bolivian Farmers During Dry Season

Irrigation water is flowing in Jusku Molle, Bolivia where Mano a Mano completed a new water project in 2012. With this reservoir, farmers in the Jusku Molle area have water during the dry months, to irrigate fields as they prepare for planting. With water, farmers are more assured that seeds will sprout. Without the reservoir, […]

Our Response to Flooding in Bolivia

In the first 2-3 months of 2014, there was very heavy flooding in the Beni region of Bolivia, where the majority of our aviation program takes place: Bolivia’s Amazonian region has experienced the most disastrous flooding of the past 100 years. In the Beni department, 7 of 8 provinces and 16 of 19 municipalities are under water, […]

Teacher Training Trip to Bolivia

In June 2014, seven teachers from Minnesota traveled to Bolivia as part of a teacher training & education project in Arani, Bolivia. This was the second year of this trip; in June 2013 nine teachers from Minnesota participated in the pilot project. Teacher Training Trip to Bolivia Mano a Mano Internacional staffmember Paola wrote a […]